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We are HPH - the HenPecked Husbands.
We play when we are allowed by our wives ;)
We are an adult clan, in fact our age average is 35 years, ranging from 14-60!.

HPH is a Norwegian clan, with some prominent Swedes in the mix.
We started out small in 2003, but became a big clan during 2005, and is one of very few clans still here.

We play FPS games, at the moment Battlefield 3 and preparing to make the move to Battlefield 4 at release.

We are hosting a public server and a battle servers for matches.
During game play we put our honor in playing as fair as possible and we would never use cheats to gain advantage in any game.
To us, gaming is all about the action and having fun as a group of friends.

We always appreciate a good match, and if you would like to play against us then please take contact with one of our clan leaders :-)

Please pay notice to the following:
- You should live in Europe, so there will be minimum lag.
- Please read our general gaming rules.

Visit our website www.hphnorway.com for more information and to apply for membership

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