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The 77th was first proposed in late March of 2011 by Badbest321 and after a series of meetings, some less serious than others, the Headhunters were officially activated on Tuesday April 18th 2011.

The founding members of the 77th created this squad with the intention of providing an active, alternative, tight-knit group on the Battlefield titles with its own flavor and sense of humor. Our goal is to enhance our gameplay personally and as a team, while still maintaining a laid back, fun environment.

We encourage players to play to the best of their ability, but having fun and maintaining a positive environment in keeping with the TG primer is the most important goal.

At first, the IHS was created to be a Call of Duty IHS but with the apparent loss of interest with the franchise the IHS moved over to Battlefield 3, and we hope to follow the battlefield franchise into the future, and have some good fun playing with and against our friends in the other IHS.

Happy Fragging!

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