Grave Yard Dead
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to Grave Yard Dead (GYD). If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the following leaders:

- LBE79 (Founder and Platoon Leader)

- Resistance32 (Squad Death Match Leader)

- griffey2 (Team Death Match Leader)

- zztoulca (Conquest Leader)

- soul-cread (Secondary Conquest Leader)

- fuzyfalcon (Rush Leader)

- danikhani (All purpose Leader)

GYD Server:
Sons in Chaos Website Link:

All we ask is if Grave Yard Dead is going to be the only platoon you are going to be a member of then
YOU MUST wear the (GYD) clan tag at all times.

IF you ARE a member of any other platoon you will NOT be eligible for promotions.

If Grave Yard Dead is the only platoon you are a member of you will always have the chance to move up in the ranks.

Be sure that you add all platoon members to your PSN friends list.

Our motto is:
"We won't just kill you dead.....
We'll kill you GRAVE YARD DEAD!"

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