Fuck Squad 1
Tag: [Fs1] Fans: 9 Created: 2011-10-26

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Let me start up that this is not a clan. it is a invite only for group of players in different respective(Clans) that i have gunned with on many occasions off and on. This will be a casual group of people from different skill sets and nationalities. Team work and having fun are the only things I'm looking to achieve with this squad. I do have access to a server that i have permission to play on. i would like to have a place to bring everyone together to improve our skills and practice tactics and general dummy stuff if we feel the urge.i just want to promote a good server for good squads to come and play with, and against other good squads. my way of downsizing dumb newbs and no help blueberries. With BF4 around the corner this could be a good place to meet, knife, blowup, and force feed lead to many other fine individuals and forge some bridges for the future. This is only the beginning.
Fuck Squad one Don't hide Don't run

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