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Cronix {CnX} has been around since the days's of ETQW 10/2/2007.

It was formed to break away from the normal flow of things. We started a server the likes no one has ever seen before and we stayed in the global server rank of #2* (*Would have been number 1 BUT its a bit hard to compete with a server that allows hack's)

We created a 100% Adult's Only 21+ HACK FREE CLAN, if anyone is caught cheating or We hear that they did cheat [ They are made an example of ]. We also implemented the most realistic servers out there, No names above your head, no arrows above your head, Increased damage, While still leaving your HUD enabled so you can still catch hackers..

We have continued to release new game servers to different game as soon as there released, and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

NOTE: We do use profane language in our servers and Teamspeak

Are you looking to join the CnX clan? Contact US!! NOTE YOU MUST BE A MATURE 21+

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