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Threat Gaming Powered by ORCON - NZ/AUS Semi professional Gaming Team.

Threat Gaming was formed in early 2011 and has slowly built its way up to be a respected force in Australasia.
Since it’s formation Threat Gaming has gone on to compete in high level BF3 competition plus LoL, Dota2 and SC2.
Our main goal is to keep improving our skills and become one of the top gaming organisations in AUS/NZ.

Youtube Channel:

Main achievements to date:

Battlefield 3:

Ping Zero 41 Battlefield 3 4v4 Competition 2013 - 1st Place
CyberGamer Battlefield 3 4v4 Season 2 2013 - 2nd Place
Mwave Battlefield 3 4v4 2012 - Top 8
Auckmageddon 7 LAN 2012 - 3rd Place
Auckmageddon 6 LAN 2012 - 3rd Place
On3 Battlefield 3 Cup 8v8 Playoffs 2012
Alienware Battlefield 3 8V8 Playoffs 2011

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