13th MEU Falcons
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Platoon Presentation

The European BF3 platoon for 13th MEU.

(This platoon consists of both Dragoons and Falcons squads)

13TH MEU Squad of the Year 2012!

If you want to join, applying here is not enough, please go to our official website


Falcons Squad Tuesday: 19:00BST/20:00 CEST

Dragoons Squad Thursday 19:00BST/20:00 CEST

Platoon Practice Sunday: 18:00 BST/19:00 CEST

WEDNESDAY PUB NIGHT (Optional): 18:00BST/19:00CEST


14/11/12¦ 13th MEU 1-3 TRU (Friendly)
02/12/12¦ 13th MEU 4-0 UAF (Friendly)
03/01/13| 13th MEU 2-2 Welsh Dragon (13th Won by 6 tickets)
06/03/13| 13th MEU 4-0 Dark Resistance (Friendly)
25/07/13| 13th MEU 2-0 TBFS (Friendly, 8v8)
28/07/13| 13th MEU 3-1 TBFS (Friendly, 8v8)
30/08/13| 13th MEU 4-0 JG (League Match, 8v8)
05/08/13| 13th MEU 4-0 TBFS (Friendly, 8v8)
10/08/13| 13th MEU 3-1 Team Europe (League Match, 7v7)
11/08/13| 13th MEU 4-0 EPG (Friendly, 5v5)
20/08/13| 13th MEU 4-0 SIA (ESL SqdRsh Ladder, 4v4)
22/08/13| 13th MEU 1-3 TBFS (League Match, 8v8)
25/08/13| 13th MEU 4-0 EPG (Friendly, 5v5)
03/09/13| 13th MEU 2-2 Man or Mouse (ESL SqdRsh Ladder, 4v4)

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