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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is meant for the combat veterans of the Battlefield series. The only way to get in is to...
-First off this is a PS3 Platoon.
-Be able to Pilot any air vehicle/and be good at it.
-Be able to drive any ground vehicle and be good at it.
-Work as a team i.e. Supply teammates when asked to, give health when asked to, and help take out vehicles as a team.
-Have a good combat awareness on the Battlefield
-Play the objective!
- If the USAS-12 is anywhere in your top 3 weapons or if you have more than 100 kills with it, don't bother applying.
We soon hope to play against other platoons in an organized matter online, and not be a lone wolf. We want a full on scale battle with organized squads doing what they are told by their commander and squad leader. Semper Fi and hope to see you on the Battlefield.


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