Full Metal Jacket
Tag: [FMJ] Fans: 21 Created: 2011-10-31

Platoon Presentation

FMJ is a platoon for members of the Battlefield community that play for the fun as well as looking to earn high scores through good teamwork! We do not aim to win, we aim to dominate! If you join the platoon, and play well, you will be promoted! This is a small, but definitely, up and coming platoon!........and we like boobies!!

Show your support for the platoon and put "FMJ" as your clan tag by visiting your profile, Clicking "Edit profile" and typing FMJ in the "soldier settings/clan tag" box!

Lets keep active, add platoon members on PS3 and get the invites flowing and squad ups online.

When you join this platoon, please add

1) ant_j_uk now plays cod (pussy)
2) alank878
3) glitch80
4) lukeboy94
5) BiOjOsH


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