Free Beer & Hot Wings
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Welcome to Free Beer & Hot Wings [FBHW]. We are always looking for more people to play with that want to use
teamwork and PTFO (Play The F'ing Objective).

If you'd like to come play with us please join our mumble server!

Mumble Server:
Port: 64738

Interesting URLs:
BF3 damage charts -
Better Battlelog -
Server Stats/Ranks -

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  • Darkside138 wrote on the wall for Free Beer & Hot Wings:
    Not sure how many people are still playing BF3. A long while back our website went down due to some hardware issues and we never really got it up and running again. We've recently created a new site and I just wanted let all of you know. Many of us have moved on to other games, mumble is still up and running an you all more than welcome to join us. The new website is You can also join our steam community at I hope to see you all soon.
  • Darkside138 wrote on the wall for Free Beer & Hot Wings:
    Anyone else playing Planetside 2? If your interested shoot me a message on here.