Special Ops
Tag: [SO] Web: Official website Fans: 12 Created: 2011-11-02

Platoon Presentation

The Special Operations team A.K.A (Spec-Ops).
We support competitively, teamwork and just having fun.
For this clan, we mainly prefer positive k/d and W/L ratios, winning and communication.

Platoon feed

  • ComicLoverBoyPLN wrote on the wall for Special Ops:
    I have changed the Platoon name and clan tag from Spec~Ops>> [SOps] to Special Ops [SO].
  • ComicLoverBoyPLN wrote on the wall for Special Ops:
    Dear Spec~Ops>> clan members, after several months, I have come back and reopened the platoon page and decided to maybe bring back the old platoon from 2011, but mainly for PS4 and BF4 and possibly BF3, if they port it over. The clan used to be known as Spec~Ops>> [SOps] and a black and white emblem, but now It is Special-Ops or Spec-Ops, i'm still deciding on an official name state for it, and the clan tag is now [SO] as in s-o-h, and the emblem is almost completely in foundation, but is subject to modifications and improvements.
  • ComicLoverBoyPLN changed the emblem of the platoon Spec Ops