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*** NOTE - This Platoon is Moving on to Strike Force: Hunter Killers (listed as SF: HUNTER KILLERS).All Axis Members encouraged to join. WarTerminator is making a attempt to be part of this new platoon as well. ***

Bringing World Domination to the Battlefield!

The Axis Force is a opposing secret military force that brings stealth, subterfuge, and elite Spec Op Veterans
to the ongoing war. Our relationship has a common pivot on which we move.

Skynet and AXIS Force share the same common goal for world domination. WarTerminator was programmed by Skynet to help AXIS Force achieve this goal, and should be treated as a artificial brother in arms.

*** Note: To add platoon clan tag go on battlelog, click profile, click edit profile and insert your tags into the box
next to the picture of your soldier. The tag for this Platoon is [AXIS].

*** Axis Force server is up:

The AF server can be found by using your BF3 Server Browser on your Xbox 360 by searching for the subject word "AXIS"

*Check Axis Force server status and player count from your PC: (South US Server)


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