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CODE OF OATH: [NSA] National Security Agency



The Alpha Team (also known as the infamous NSA) is a team of special and highly trained international assassins who conquers the realm of the battlefield. We are great gamers that are passionate in playing Battlefield 3 and are closely tied within the boundaries of our friendships. These special operation professional gamers stands with loyalty on partners for team justice and unified camaraderie. With honor as we stand amid the growth of challenge, we believe that when a team outgrows individual performance and learns collective confidence, excellence becomes reality. We, in the alpha team have the honor of not only standing by our ability to fight the battle but we serve to stand as the force of the world.

Founder, Ian Clark


For full team work training we command a full spec ops in SQUAD RUSH, RUSH, and CONQUEST.

AGENTS: Visit our website for the match, position, and scrimmage listings.

The Alpha Team consists 24 players:
• 12 Senior Agents.
• 12 Junior Agents.
• Apprentices or Applicants.


The Process:
1. If you like us click the FAN platoon.
2. Add the founder of the clan on your friend's list and communicate your case on why you should be on this team?
3. Play with the NSA and see what happens.
4. You will be added to the platoon "The Alpha Team: Agency" in the process.
5. After time, you will be granted to finally change your tag to NSA.

Welcome to the team.


Apprentice Requirements:
• Gain specialty in one of the roles.
• Gain 25 1st MVP Ribbons.
• Headphone is a must.
• Good communication skills for combat session.
• Active member.
• Must be of any rank.
• Good statistics record.
• Bring us the honor and dignity.
• Fan us!

Junior Agent Requirements:
• Gain specialty to at least another specific role to switch.
• Gain 100 1st MVP ribbons.
• 5 Service stars to all classes.
• Develop rapport and loyalty to the team.
• Recruiting prospect apprentices.
• Must be rank 45 and over.
• Very active member.
• Very Good statistics record including a 500 SPM Record!

Senior Agent Requirements:
• Gain specialty to all roles but best to just one.
• 10 Service stars to all classes.
• Gain 500 1st MVP ribbons.
• Would be able to lead, and second lead
• Must be rank 100 and over.
• Ultimately active member.
• Impressive statistics record including a 700 SPM Record!
• Tournament material.


The Challenger Report
NSA [Updated last January, 27 2012]

• Annihilated the platoon in CQ: Delta Squad [DS]

• Annihilated the platoon in SR: the Grey Wardens [xGWx]

Do you want to know if you are the best? Challenge us.

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