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- 22g was created to provide an online community for gamers, free from sexism, ageism, elitism, or any form of discrimination. We provide these forums for like-minded gamers to hang out -

- We currently operate a total of 10 unique servers. 2 x Left 4 Dead & 3 x Left 4 Dead 2, A Team Fortress 2 payload server, and a further 4 servers providing Half Life 2 DM, Counterstrike And Synergy maps -

- We regularly update our servers to respond to the views of our community and the latest games releases -

- We are a non profit-making online community. All profits gained from any clan activities will be directed into supporting the clan's servers and running costs, or as the clan deems most suitable -

- 22g is not a competitive gaming clan and its membership is not limited to gamers of any particular game or gaming platform. The emphasis is on enjoying "All computer and console games" in a friendly atmosphere -

- Membership of 22g Clan is by invitation only. All membership is voted on by existing clan members -

- Membership of 22g BF3 Platoon is open to anybody at the discretion of Platoon Founder Ssg.Centy -

- Members of 22g BF3 Platoon must own a microphone and speak some english -

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