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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to KillKrew Inc.


"Semper Fi, Do Or Die."

Bump Please!:


1) Respect your teammates, and be a team player.

2)Use your mic if you have one.*Mic NOT required, it's a bonus though. :D

3)Show up to practice.

4)Have fun. No need to be serious all the time.*No age limit. As long as you act mature, you'll be fine.

5)Follow Directions!

6)Be Active! (If you are inactive for over 14 days, you will be KICKED. IF you know you will be away for some time please tell me or one of the leaders.)

7)Know your role. (Hand out ammo, health, revive team mates, spot assist, repair vehicles etc.)

8) Wearing the KR3W tag is not required unless you're participating in a platoon match or practice.

Follow the Rules.
Add at least one of the Leaders.
Ptfo Or Gtfo
*Exceptions can be made by how well you PTFO!


PTO sqd:
1. Sqd Leader - Stutterbox
2. Erikvalle213
3. Kjbgamefreak17
4. a10poundpudding
5. Chiucho

Air Squad:
1. Sqd Leader - Humberto
2. Chiucho
3. Browboi_G

Armored/Support Squad:
1. Sqd Leader - PlayFourLife
2. TrUeSHOTgunking
3. Ppm
More rules and other stuff will be posted whenever i think of anything else. Lol

**If you are interested in having a 4v4, 8v8, or a 12v12 contact me or one of the other leaders on Battlelog and we'll start one up.

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