Privatkaeserei #1
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Platoon Presentation

Dear Fans and Returners,

Since a lot of you uttered disappointment in the successor of Battlefield 3, we decided to provide a new playground for all of you folks who rather fight the streets of Bazaar and Seine, then swim in the Flood Zone.

We re-actived our popular Server, the #Privatkaeserei Alois Schuhmann and hope to give all you guys who prefer BF3 a new place-to-be.

-It runs on Mixed Mode with 48 Players (adaptive), featuring Rush and Conquest on all vanilla and the B2K and Aftermath-maps (Maybe EG too, if wanted)
-The server is currently set to 500 Tickets on CQ and 150 Tickets on Rush(adaptive, based on player count)

Plugins (The following Plug-ins are currently running):
-Balancer and Team Scrambler to ensure tight rounds
-Ping Kicker (Server is located in Frankfurt/Germany, max Ping 130ms)
-Metabans / PBBans / PBScreens
-Votemap to give you the maps you want to play
-Sniper-Kicker on Rush (Since Snipers are useless in CC due to the surpression effects / We promote aggressive gaming)
-M16-Plugin (To get ahead of M16Only-Gameplay, the server will forbid the weapon as soon as it reaches a certain threshold, rather than forbidding it in the first place)

-We want exciting and tight rounds. That means, we do not want you to take care more of your KDR than of the objectives. For that reason, we decided to exclude sniper rifles from the Rush gamemode. There are lot of other gamemode where staying alive and gaining a high KDR is more important.
-We do not tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, antisemitism and homophobia. This should be common sense *As we promote fair and balanced round, the teams get scrambled regarding to the SPM of the previous round. The Balancer will keep squads together but it might happen that you get seperated from your buddy. But no need to worry or cry, admins are there to help. Speaking of admins: None of us cares about his W/L-Ratio. --We don't stack on one side. We switch as soon as a game becomes imbalanced.
-You can see the rules any time by typing "@rules" in the chat.

We hope to see a lot of you guys having a blast playing Battlefield 3 on our server. If you have any questions, crit or ideas, don't hesitate to get in touch by sending a mail to the platoon-admins!

See you on the battlefield!




Stats logger commands:

!stats Tells the Player their own Serverstats
!rank Tells the Player their own Serverstats
!potd Show up the player of the day
!playeroftheday Show up the player of the day
!session Tells the Player their own Sessiondata
!top10 Tells the Player the Top10 players of the server
!wtop10 Tells the Player the Top10 players of the server for specific period
!weektop10 Tells the Player the Top10 players of the server for specific period
!stats WeaponName Tells the Player their own Weaponstats for the specific Weapon
!rank WeaponName Privately Tells the Player their own Weaponstats for the specific Weapon
!top10 WeaponName Privately Tells the Player the Top10 Player for the specific Weapon of the server
!dogtags WeaponName Privately Tells the Player his Dogtagstats
!serverstats Tells the Player the Serverstats


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

die Privatkäserei Alois Schuhmann ist stolz Ihnen ihre neuste Innovation in Sachen Marketing zur Erschließung neuer Märkte und Zielgruppen präsentieren zu dürfen:

Unser Battlefield 3 ranked Server befindet sich seit einigen Monaten im Dienst und erfreut sich zunehmender Beliebtheit.


- 48 Slot ranked Server
- Erweitertes Squadsystem: Spieler die in keinem Squad sind werden automtisch einem Squad zugewiesen.
- Team Balancer: Auf jeder neuen Karte werden die Teams, basierend auf dem Runden-SPM der Spieler gemischt. Squads bleiben dabei erhalten, Clans werden nicht auseinander gerissen.
- diverse andere Serverplugins (Firmengeheimnis)
- Serverstandort: Frankfurt, g-portal


Je nach Uhrzeit und Spieleranzahl läuft auf dem Server entweder "MIXED CONQUEST RUSH B2K AK VANILLA" und "RUSH CITYMAPS".

MIXED CONQUEST RUSH: (Hauptmaprotation)

Bei der Maprotation haben wir es uns nicht einfach gemacht, indem versucht wurde eine sehr ausgeglichene Abfolge, in unseren Augen "guter und spielbarer" Maps zu wählen. Die Maps sind dabei in ihrer Reihenfolge aufeinander abgestimmt. Es wird zwischen einer Runde Conquest mit ~400 Tickets auf den kleinen als auch großen Maps und danach eine Rush Map mit Hin- und Rückrunde gewechselt.

Regeln und Administration:

In unseren Augen stören viele überflüssige Regeln den Spielfluss mehr, als das Ärgernis auch mal durch eine RPG oder M320 zu sterben.
Rundenentscheidend sind solche Waffen nämlich nie und eine zielführende, dem Team und Rundensieg dienliche Spielweise ist uns auf dem Server sowieso wichtiger als eure KD, SPM, HSR oder sonstigen Statsunsinn.

Das ist auch der Grund weshalb nutzlose rumgesnipere, insbesondere aus der Mainbase nicht toleriert wird, da so keine Fahnen eingenommen oder Mcoms zerstört werden können.

Außerdem soll man keine Fahrzeuge aus festen Mainbasen klauen. Das gilt insbesondere für die Fahrzeuge der Angreifer bei Rush. Die Angreifer haben es so schon schwer genug und ohne Tank sind Maps wie Seine Crossing nicht zu gewinnen.

Wichtig sind uns spannende Runden. Deswegen werden wir dafür sorgen, dass die Teams so gut es geht ausgeglichen sind. In der Regel versuchen wir dies, indem wir uns selbst in den Teams hin und her switchen. Meine W/L-Ratio ist mir egal. Sollten diese manuellen Ausgleichversuche einmal nicht reichen gibt es noch unseren Teambalancer, der die Teams alle zwei Rushrunden (Hin- und Rückrunde) und nach jeder Conquestrunde, basierend auf dem Spielerskill ausgleicht.

Willkürliche Kicks wird es bei uns nicht geben und solange Spieler objekt- und teamorientiert spielen sind sie bei uns auch willkommen, egal wie "gut" oder "schlecht".

Die Privatkäserei Alois Schuhmann freut sich schon auf Ihren Besuch! [] []

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  • Attila_TILTmann wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
    Hey PK, I know I am a little loathed by some of you guys, however, I still love to play on your servers. I do have a suggestion. Would it be possible to enable votekick/voteban on your server? Yesterday (or rather this morning) we (FCSP) played a few rounds on your server once all the admins left (to get to bed). The server was still reasonably full but at some point an obvious cheater joined the server and we (the players) had no means to get rid of this player. Suggestion: if possible please enable votekick/voteban on the server when there is no admin present, so in any event players can take charge of kicking an obvious cheater Would be great to enable this. Thx
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    Attila_TILTmann Second:
    5 years ago
    Attila_TILTmann Again, I would like to emphasize that I am talking about an issue once the admins are gone, not about this player in particular.
    5 years ago
  • LumPenPacK wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
    Unfortunately we have some bad news for you today. Our Battlefield 4 Server will probably be shut down in a few weeks. Since almost nobody of our admins play Battlefield 4 anymore, we don't we want to pay for a server we don't use. Our hope was to keep the server alive with donations but this wasn't a big success. The next payment date is on the 22th June but there're still missing over 130€ to pay the bill for the next 3 months and we don't think the donations will cover these costs.
  • LumPenPacK wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
  • LumPenPacK wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
    We are BACK to Battlefield 3 !
  • LumPenPacK wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
    New BF4 Server online!
  • LumPenPacK wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
    Some server stats: Number of players who have more than 24 hours playtime on our server: 857 Number of players who have more than 100 hours playtime on our server: 86
  • LumPenPacK wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
    Battlefield is one of the most varied games for now. There're so many maps, vehicles, classes and especially there're lots of different weapons. I think this complexity is one of the reasons why many people like playing Battlefield. But last times we had rounds on our server where almost everybody was using M16 or M416. I think I'm not alone with the opinion that this linear gameplay can be very boring, especially when you play on a mixed mode and not on a TDM Canals 24/7 server. Due to this occasionally emerging excessive usage of M16 and M416 our server is now running with a team specific M16 and M416 limiter. This means: Using M16 or M416 is still allowed. Most of the time you can use these weapons as much as you want but spawning with M16/M416 weapon will be (temporary) forbidden if your team has made more than ~18% of all kills with M16/M416. (Every weapon has a own counter) If the total kills percentage with the specific weapon has fallen under 10%, spawning with this weapon
  • VicToriuZzz wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
    48 / 48 [9] @ Käse i like !
  • LumPenPacK wrote on the wall for Privatkaeserei #1:
    Do you want to play together with friends? Write your list of friends on the platoon feed & we'll add it to the balancer.
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    LumPenPacK done
    6 years ago
    N0ktis thx
    6 years ago
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