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Platoon Presentation

A group for the players which frequent our servers. It also serves as a group page to inform our regulars of what we are doing with the servers on a day to day basis.

64 Player 24/7 Seine/Bazaar
64 Player 24/7 Seine/Metro/Bazaar
40 Player 24/7 Karkand DLC
40 Player =MGUK= Conquest All maps
Teamspeak: 9987

All server players are welcome to join our teamspeak.

***Server Rules***
M320 = Auto Kick
Excessive RPG on Inf = kick
Tank Whoring = Kick
Mortar Spam from Spawn = Kick
Out of Bounds = BAN
Abuse Admin = BAN
View your STATS @ www.mature-gamer.com
***/Server Rules***

We keep stats of all players that use our servers, head over to our website to check your server stats out.


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