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Platoon Presentation

This is the awesome platoon for youtubers and filmmakers! Subscribers are also welcome.

Remember to check out our youtube channels where we post some awesome BF3 gameplays and some other stuff.


◆ Exile's youtube channel:

◆ Jayvin100's youtube channel:

◆ Mystery_Samurai's youtube channel:

◆ eXoUFO's youtube channel:
• Razorry's youtube channel:

• LethalWalous's youtube channel:

• cpt_juusto's youtube channel:

• Jnww's youtube channel:

• techteen2 youtube channel:

• sgt_Erktus youtube channel:

• D1visor's youtube channel:

• Taltsi's youtube channel:

• BruxXx0's youtube channel:

• Viiktkttor's youtube channel:

• lllFoxlll's youtube channel:

• NightStalker791's youtube channel:

• InfamousNoone's youtube channel:

• OmnipRotenT's youtube channel:

• PsYk3s's youtube channel:

• TheCheeqman´s youtube channel:

• BruxXx0´s youtube channel:

• logo-Cze´s youtube channel:

• Bimbas89´s youtube channel:

•MTS_PsYk3s´s youtube channel:

Platoon feed

  • eXoUFO wrote on the wall for Youtube Guys:
    ~who is also SICK & TIRED about: "Live scoreboard is too busy right now." this way I can not see if the game is fairly balanced before I chose to join the game!
  • eXoUFO wrote on the wall for Youtube Guys:
    if you are recently added by me as a "friend" that is ONLY done via Origin connected to Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 game, if you do not race anymore PLEASE UNFRIEND ME Old -BF3 friends can stay :)
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  • eXoUFO wrote on the wall for Youtube Guys:
    "The Aggressive Recon" video shows how NOT to be a fckn camper:
  • eXoUFO wrote on the wall for Youtube Guys:
    ~my best tactical weapon (look at my stats) I use is: "AS VAL" - Rate of Fire 900! - VERY FAST RELOAD ... if used long enough you can upgrade AS-VAL to more Ammunition from 20 to 31 bullets per mag! ... most wont hear you shooting AND you do NOT show up on radar when you shoot (unless motion detectors detects your movements or being spotted by enemy using Q-key on you from a distance). I use 6x (not 7x) zoom scope! ... be careful with close-combat-shooting if you are not used to using more zoomed in scopes! Side-note: 1 disadvantage: bullets are smaller in size 9x39mm but that is compensated with the high rate of fire [900!] :)