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Tag: [0BF] Web: Official website Fans: 17 Created: 2012-02-16

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This platoon is made for friend of the clan, or fans of our conquest server - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/16e6fc70-c6b7-4149-8e0e-2be186e74725/BG-04B-Conquest-All-Maps-200-tickets-Active-Admin/
IF you like you can use this tag in our server, so we will know you are a friend and play with you in squads. You can join our TS3 sever - PM Kamigawa for the pass
No hakers/cheaters are allowed and please follow our server rules.
If you like our server you can aways donate to help us keeping it alive - paypal battlefieldbg@gmail.com

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