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Platoon Presentation

We are Strong
We will Fight
We will BURN
Through the Night

-------CURRENTLY RECRUITING (1) Attack Helicopter Pilot-------
Recommended Specs:
Must be proficient in the AH1Z-Viper aswell as the M128-Havoc
Must have GB or FN experience
Must have over 2,000 combined kills in Attack Helicopters
General Recruiting Requirements
1. Must Be Above Colonel Star 20
2. Must Have a K/D Above 1.75
3. Must Have An SPM of Above 475
4. Must Be Proficient On The Ground
5. Must Use Communication, Teamwork, and Be Positive While Following Orders.


Steps For Applying:
1. Contact Brutalsentinel(XBL- BrutalVanguard)
or contact dwright3103(XBL- DwrightTID) and request the division you want to be in.
2. When we get in touch you will be asked many questions about how you play, what are your skills, and what suits you best.
3. You will be put through a series of trials: These are spread over 3-consecutive days of evaluation, at the end of which we will decide whether you're in or out.

----------------------------------BurnSquad(Main Platoon)------------------------------------


---------Match Records---------
[BURN] vs [UBW] 2-0
[BURN] vs [GEC] 2-0
[BURN] vs [BCO] 2-0
[BURN] vs [ACE] 3-1
[BURN] vs [JMP] 0-3
[BURN] vs [JMP] 3-4
[BURN] vs [BH3] 5-2
[BURN] vs [AIRB] 5-0
[BURN] vs [BrHB] 2-0
[BURN] vs [HIVE] 4-0
[BURN] vs [OPS] 4-0
[BURN] vs [ECHO] 3-0
[BURN] vs [iCON] 6-0
[BURN] vs [ECHO] 3-0
[BURN] vs [AFzN] 2-2
[BURN] vs [USMC](Marines) 4-2
[BURN] vs [BEW] 4-2
[BURN] vs [USMC](Recon Marines)4-0
[BURN] vs [EPIC] 4-1
[BURN] vs [USMC](Recon Marines)3-1
[BURN] vs [AnA] 2-1
[BURN] vs [USMC](Recon Marines)4-0
[BURN] vs [EPIC] 3-0
[BURN] vs [USMC] 4-0

Platoon Practice Schedule:
Sunday: TBD
Tuesday: 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Thursday: 2:30-4:00 p.m.
Practice Will Be Held On Our Own Server Titled: [BURN]Official Europe Server

Scheduled Upcomming Battles:
[BURN] vs [EXO] Sunday April 15 2:00pm ET
[BURN] vs [Kias] TBD
[BURN] vs [iC] TBD
We Will Accept Squad-Rush-Only Clan Challenges from 5:00p.m.-8:00p.m. EST on Weekdays and Weekends
We Will Accept Conquest Clan Challenges
From 12:00noon-5:00p.m. EST on Saturdays and Sundays

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