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****************Welcome to St0n3r's Lounge, Hope you enjoy your stay. This is a Bed & Breakfest.****************

This platoon was made by St0n3r_DoJa420... Reason: To see who all will join a randomized platoon across all the land as far as the eyes can see, a platoon witch sits. In a dark room collecting dust and garbage.

If you have any questions about this platoon and what we are here for, Just remember this. We are here as 1, and 1+1 = 1 on a bun, So that 1 on a bun is surrounded by these other 1+1. We are these 1+1. We surround our friend's the 1. We stand, And fight together.

This platoon is open to everyone, Even if your from a diffrent console we would greatly love your Fanship. (to become a fan, hit the "Becom a fan" Buttion at the top of the platoon).


Happy Smoking Pot Heads :)
420 Foundership

To obtain leadership, please message me(Founder) about any questions or concerns.

KEYWORDS: Smoke Weed, Smoke Marijuana, Joints, Blunts, Fat Bong Bowls, Cripdachronic Fucka Humpalot.
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This website is used by the people who smoke Cannabis. The website is open to anyone who would like to register. Please read the rules, aswell as the welcome message.
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