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Platoon Presentation

Looking for a platoon that is objective orientated and interested in your success?
Well this is the platoon for you. We are a small group of warriors interested in making a larger platoon without all the big platoon politics. Unlike most platoons we are laid back and love to have fun while watching your ass to make sure you don’t get shot.

Interested in a platoon match against us? Contact supa_fuzzball


(Matches Recorded most nights after 6pm PST)

As a recruit we are looking for someone that is interested in
• Contributing to our platoon with new suggestions and ideas
• Learning new tips and tricks and helping spread your own knowledge to others
• Being respectful to their mates as well as the random scrubs that end up on our team
• Knowing their role (exp. Support throws ammo, engineers repair, recon places spawn beacons, and assault heals and revives)
• Being a team player

While a headset is preferable we will take recruits without them, just make sure to listen.

-----To Recruits interested in joining ShieldBreaker----
*Please send a friends request to citycatred when you apply for this platoon. She will set you up with everything you need to know.
*We prefer to play with new recruits for a few games before accepting, mostly so we can see if personalities match.
*After playing with us you will be accepted to the platoon. So please change your tags to SHBX.

We shatter Swords and splinter spears;
None stands to Shieldbreaker.
Our point's the fount of orphan's tears
Our edge the widowmaker.

Server: [SHBX] ShieldBreaker 200%

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