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Tag: [cM] Fans: 16 Created: 2012-03-30

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For people who are mega medics. No hesitation, just pure bunny-hopping revive bonanzas. If you hesitate, people die. Extra points for reviving a person after they've already pulled up the respawn screen. Mega points for reviving somebody before killing the guy who killed them so that they die again so you can revive them again (LOLZ)

Krivo- Master Medic
Rory- Monster Medic
Cody- Minstrel Medic
Rush- Malthusian Medic
Shin- Mighty Moogle Medic
Catty- Meowface Medic
nV- Mo'fuckin' Yolo Medic
Latin- Milkmaid Medic
Seksatronic- Muafuca Medic
Chico- Mysterious Medic
Rex- Mancrush Medic
Rammy- Megadeth Medic
Cosmit- Mesmerizing Medic

Banned newbz:
Mr. Hesitator- BRITISH-FORCE-01
"But there's a tank right there!"- JMGamer94
"Oh wait there's a guy"-Ghost
"I'd rather drive this tank"- Double K
"This SKS is awesome"-Allstar
"Oh c'mon I pick up your kit to revive you"- Slugz
Grandpa Slowguy- Reckels

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