The Gun Carnival
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If you have not visited and filled out an application you will be denied!

Welcome to The Gun Carnival!
The Gun Carnival is the Farm Team for The Gun Circus [TGC] and Kinky Yoyo Juice [KYJ]. This Platoon will act as the Training or Trial area for TGC and KYJ. Do well here and become part of The Gun CIRCUS or Kinky Yoyo Juice and set some roots in. If you are a member of this platoon your tag will be [tgc] LETTERS MUST BE LOWER CASE! Spend your time here wisely and in no time an officer will be moving you up To The SHOW!

Before you apply to join The Gun Carnival, you MUST first go to and fill out an application. This is also a good time to go ahead and join the TGC forums (see below). Anyone who does not fill out the app on The Gun Circus website will NOT be accepted.
To join the TGC forums, simply click on the forums link. Once inside the forums, simply click join and fill out the information. The TGC forums are where you will find all of the clan information, news, tournament info, as well as some MUST READ material for all new recruits.

Make sure you add CheseBurgr_Eddy and cg-GoAT to your battlelog friends list as soon as you submit your application. Applicants will not be accepted unless you have added both leaders (it is not necessary to add TGCBeast, unless you just want to).

All members need to make sure and add the following servers to your favorites list:
Kinky Yoyo Juice
Kinky Circus
The Gun Carnival
The Gun Circus
This list will be updated periodically as we continue to grow.

Welcome to the fastest growing Gaming Community around!

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