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Welcome to AoA Infiltration Division. The leader of this divison is BannanahCreamPie This division focuses on capturing and defending objectives as well as sticking together with your team/squad.

If you are in this division you must be able to do three things. Respect all members within this divison and this clan. Do not get mad over small and simple things. Be abel to cooperate with your squad members and squad leader. If you are not capable of doing these things we will not succeed.

Within this division we work on capturing and defending objectives. Missing training with an excuse is fine, but missing training because you just didn't want to come is a problem. Training will help you with your infiltration tactics and also help you get to know your leaders and other members within this division. Refer to the calendar on our website for training dates.

Every game we play in you must have one (1) support, one (1) engineer , and two (2) assault's in a squad. The one support will be used to give out ammo when needed and to place c4/claymores on objectives. The engineer will be needed to place mines on objectives to stop enemy vehicles. The two assault's will be used to give out health packs and revive team mates. Do not revive a team mate if there are enemies shooting at you as you will gain nothing from that.

If you are a member you must add ALL members of Infiltration division including the leaders.

In order to join Infiltration Divsion you MUST have at least one (1) service star with at least 25 DIFFERENT guns.

Team Placement is based on K/D and SPM.
1.0 - 1.25 K/D & 300 - 349 SPM = Charlie
1.25 - 1.5 K/D & 350 - 399 SPM = Bravo
1.5 - 1.75 K/D 400 - 449 SPM = Alpha
1.75 + K/D & 500 + SPM = Elitle Ops ELIGIBLE.

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