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Welcome to The New World Order!!!

We are stepping up membership in preparation for BF4. We are looking for hardened, active players to fill or support positions within the platoon. All Pilots and classes are needed asap. There are no stat requirements to join just play to win and have fun. With membership comes some requirements, please take some time to read the following.

- You must have some form of microphone and headset.

- You must continue to actively participate on BattleLog for important info such as clan matches and updates.

- 1 week of inactivity earns a message reminder.

- 2 weeks of inactivity earns a kick from the platoon and loss of access to all servers, unless you have given us notification of your absence. And of course you can always re-apply when you become fully active again.

Come and run a few rounds with us.

Platoon Leader:
Current status:: Platoon Leader, Head of Recruitment

Squad Leader, Alpha Team:
Current status: Platoon/ Squad Leader/Recruitment

Squad Leader, Bravo Team:

Squad Leader: Charlie Team:

Squad Leader, Delta Team:


NWO Recruitment Thread:

NWO Clan Match Thread:


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  • Blackenend joined the platoon New World Order
  • Skuncknuts wrote on the wall for New World Order:
    I have re-named the platoon. The BaB tag no more. Stay if you like, I have also joined the SiK Nation Platoon. Perhaps you all would consider joining this awesome platoon. I believe they have exactly what you all are looking for.... Hooah!!!
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    Skuncknuts Thank you Beard. It's nice to know you agree with the new clan. These guys are the greatest. Should you decide to come back and play again this is where you can find us. Best of luck to you in everything you do my friend.
    7 years ago
    bruggie1 we have always room for you General!!!
    7 years ago
  • MrYogiz wrote on the wall for New World Order:
    Hey everyone, would just announce that I will be leaving this awesome platoon, reason can be found on the website under private message, but I might also say it here: this platoon is rly nice and got some rly awesome members, but the amount of members playing BF3 is too low, and I rly miss the competitive game play and the good serious clan wars. So this will be my goodbye, you are all welcome to poke me on the PS for a game or anything, and talking on TS3 if I’m still allowed there (: Bye everyone and cya on the battlefield! Especially you Skunk ;)
    ebnEA Allrigth man, see you around!
    7 years ago
  • Brevik00 wrote on the wall for New World Order:
    Soooo... When are we gonna destroy clans?
    MrYogiz Well the problem is that everytime Skunk finds something none shows up on TS..
    7 years ago
    Skuncknuts It makes it really hard to try and put something together with only really 4-6 active players and seeing as how no one will help continuously "bump" the recruitment threads we can't add to our roster. Don't know what else I can
    7 years ago
  • deltaredneck joined the platoon Bloodbath & Beyond
    Skuncknuts Get a hold of me so we can get down to doing the "nasty" on some randoms... What time during the day is your "usual" killin' time? Let me know.. THNX
    7 years ago
    deltaredneck normally after 6pm central time
    7 years ago
  • GeneralFatbeard wrote on the wall for New World Order:
    The new TS server is up and running, use this now and not the old one. The password is the same as for the old, and can be found under FAQ on the site.
    7 years ago
    Skuncknuts Thankyou Beard...
    7 years ago
  • ColonelPK wrote on the wall for New World Order:
    to leaders, we had MGbrevik (the other danish guy) on TS last night, He just wanted you to know that he would't be around for a while. He had been suspended from battlefield. Due to nick-violations.
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    GeneralFatbeard that`s stupid. It`s not even the same Get it togheter EA!
    7 years ago
    MrYogiz Ikr...
    7 years ago
  • Skuncknuts wrote on the wall for New World Order:
    We have 4 guys for a match or practice tonight @ 22:00pm UE / 16:00pm (4pm) NA, est time. How many more of you can play??? We need to know asap.... Anything goes, No Spawn Camping only rule. Perhaps CQ, Ruch or STDM...
    MrYogiz Sry for not being there, was told by my dad that we would be home at 21:00 but turned out to be now (23:30)...
    7 years ago