501st S.O.G.
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the 501st Special Operations Group.This is a platoon that will be made up from members of the other branches of the 501 in times of tournament or other specific action.Those of you who are called here will only be members until said action is completed at that time you will be kicked from S.O.G. and you will return to your primary platoon.This is being done so that there is an opportunity for everyone in the 501st division to participate in tournament events as time goes by.We strongly urge you to take part on battlelog posts and video capture of these events so that members who can not participate may still interact with those who can.Platoon size will vary as per mission requirement and platoon leaders will be elected once platoon is established.Those who go above and beyond the call of duty may even perhaps secure themselves a permanent position within the S.O.G. but that will be delt with on a case by case basis and will not easily be accomplished.
Lastly 501st command expects those of you who are called to duty here to behave as professionally as possible that way we make a good name for ourselves and our platoon mates anyone who feels the need to deviate from this rule may go ahead and remove themselves from this platoon.One final note to take part in any match/tournament you must run a 501 tag failure to do so will result in you being kicked from the platoon.

Practices are every wed.,thurs.,sat.,and sunday night from 9:30p.m.EST till whenever in the official 501st recon force platoon server attendance is strongly urged...

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