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Welcome all to a non-discriminative, no nonsense, low tolerance for ignorance, and fun team of operatives. This unit is for any selfless, objective playin, team player. As of now i will b charging all members wit the duty of gettin to kno each operative for the soul reasons of a tightly knitted platoon. Our motto "PLAY THE OBJECTIVE KUZ WHINING WON'T WIN THE MATCH." Our code of honor PLAY YOUR KIT TO THE FULLEST AND LEAVE NO OPERATIVE BEHIND. Our greeting is "SALUTE TO YOU I4I." Reply to greeting is "SALUTE." Upon departure we leave sayin "TIL WE HUNT AGAIN" or "TIL OUR BARRELS BURN RED IN BATTLE

Practice is scheduled between 6pm and 9pm est mon-fri. thurs and fri practices will b a final practice of position and rotations for scimmages and matches. i only ask that u join practices for a minimum of 1 hr atleast. except for thur and fri which all who will partake in the scrimmage and/or match should b there the entire practice. if there is a prob with the timing of practice feel free to address me or feel free to walk

{{{{{{{ APPLYING }}}}}}}

If you wish to join us then send a friend request to 1 of the leaders and we will make a decision.

{{{{{{{ REQUIREMENTS }}}}}}}

-Must have a Mic or play closely to your squad mates
-Follow a structure clan
-Never quit
-Always help out your brothers
-Play as a team for the win and not for your stats
-Must get to kno your team and have fun
-Finally, If you are up for fragged nation tournaments u must register on the official website and have a capture card

**Any Members having a problem with another member for ANY reason, please bring it to a Leader. Don't cry about it!**

{{{{ I4I }}}}
Be Respectful at all times, remember it's just a game. I understand getting mad and upset, but try and maintain a good character. Always try and play with your fellow clan members if you're on at the same time.

Clan server:
Server donations etc.:contact bu9zy1me


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