The Elite Snipers
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Platoon Presentation

this platoon is for some bad ass pro snipers who want to bring the pain!
this platoon is a semi casual gamer nothing too serious.
1. no offensive language to others espically guys in our own platoon, be respectful to other players.
2. be a team player watch youre bros back (when a sniper warn youre mate of approaching enemies and try to tag them or preferably kill them)
3.have a mic. It does wonders for teamwork and you can get to know who you are fightin alongside with
4.have a k/d ratio of 1 or above. We don't accept guys who just run in guns blazing and hope to get a kill
5.have a headshot of at least 400m or more we have elite snipers here no noobs

6.have an decent accuracy maybe 13+% i know LMG's and SMG's can easily take accuracy out of the window but a sniper should be accurate and persice with all his/her weapons so below 13 should be questionable

and no 7 the most important thing. have fun!

i mean no offense if you are not accepted its nothing personal feel free to reapply again once you have become more of a sniper one way you can do that is if you join Headshot distance Help anyone can join and if you do i will be more lientent when you apply

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