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Platoon Presentation

***-----NOW RECRUITING!!-----***
If you have friends or meet anyone who works well with you in a game then send them our way for recruitment. We would like to grow our numbers a lot more so we can begin organizing more frequent and larger matches.

There are no scheduled practice sessions as we are skilled players who can adapt to situations well. We will play together most of the time too and so all of us have a good understanding of each others playstyles and communications.

We will always dominate any room or lobby and love a challenge.

Enjoy rage quitting and sending all of us hate mail because you have poor to miserable aim.


This is our recruitment thread bump it when you get the chance.

***-----UPCOMING MATCHES-----***
We will organise matches for Weekends when the most people are on. Weekends also mean we have more versatility through different time zones. Let us know what time you can all play and we will try to set something up.


Platoon feed

  • RabNebula wrote on the wall for Deathstrikers:
    So guys, is anyone currently playing or planning on coming back now there is some good DLC out? I want to know who is active to see about organising some matches.
    RabNebula Also it would be good to keep getting games in every so often to stay sharp for BF4.
    6 years ago
  • RabNebula wrote on the wall for Deathstrikers:
    Oh dear.
  • RabNebula wrote on the wall for Deathstrikers:
    So apparently 343 studios are adding clan support on Halo 4 at a later date. I was thinking of carrying Deathstrikers over to that if people are up for it and are getting the game. I'm still playing BF3, especially when Aftermath comes but Halo 4 seems pretty amazing so far so I will split my time between them atm.