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Platoon Presentation

What is SiN ?
SiN was a group founded by Darksapremia when he, Chibi, and Maddie played Guild Wars on PC way back in the day. The group has since been resurrected. And now with more friends and experience, has the potential to be something amazing.

What kind of platoon are we?
We enjoy casual gameplay, but always love to win. Between jobs, schoolwork, and the real world in general, it's hard for us to make this game a priority. We love to win though, and a competitive (but friendly!) personality is always welcome. We do not tolerate immature or negative attitudes (i.e. rage quitting, otherwise uncalled-for behavior, etc.).

Do you qualify?
Anyone and everyone is allowed to apply! We give priority to those we know (friends, friends of friends, etc.). If you are someone we do not know personally, we may ask that you play a few games with us first, so that we know for sure that you qualify. We would like you to be experienced (at least 1st Colonel Service Star will suffice), but your attitude is more heavily valued than your stats. Remember that experienced doesn't always mean professional. A lot of us are not, and that's fine! Just play smart and have a good time!

Other questions?
Message chibi (uber_chibi14), Darksapremia, or maddie (madelaine00x) if you have a specific question, comment, or concern. We look forward to playing with you!

~Chibi, SiN Platoon Founder

PSN Usernames:

Chibi: uber_chibi14
Darksapremia: Darksapremia
Maddie: Akuma_Komori

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