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Platoon Presentation

The purpose if this platoon is to help clans meet other clans and battle one another. Many of the clans are already well known but hopefully through this platoon, clans who are not so fortunate will be able to get some action from any of the clans listed. The game rules and modes can be decided between any two leaders. The following are the clans currently listed looking for clan matches:

[ASFG] AMBUSHSpecial*ForcesGP - soulassassin8
[BOM] Black Ops Marines - poogooch80
[BZAR] Bazar - Nebraska_USMC
[CBK] Cold Blooded Killas - Rifle_Macc
[FOX] Foxtrot Platoon - venom1950
[FU2x] Elite-FU2x WOLFPACK - FU2JesssJames (CQ HC)
[HH] Hardcore Heroes - ChuntasticMcChun
[HsR] Hell's Riders - HsR_Quinnton25
[hYk] hYk Gaming - hYk_Ak47
[KING] Kings In Need of Gore - datsu08
[KIN6] K.I.N.6. - eddzy22
[kRs] King Rogue Squadron - Ziro_Logik
[LoB] Lords Of Battles - MOieD-ToP
[MCOM] MCOM Heroes - Bailaringuapo
[xMFH] Murderz For Hire - xMFHxSoULReAvEr (CQ NRM)
[MURK] Murk Squad - PROJOAOO
[P100] PNOY 1Hundred Elites - dispinoylovzyou
[REAP] Reap What You Sow - XxBOOM357xX (Now Recruiting)
[xSCx] Spontaneous Combustion - flockacrook
[SiN] Sons of an ill Nation - Lizardsun245 (HC RU)
[SiR] SiR Nation - SiRxGinger
[THC] Taranaki Hard Corp - Darthlung88
[WLG] We Like Girls - pouncingpuma001
[WNx] Warrior Nation - Big_Papi_42
[WoW] WaLKiN oN WaTeR - Silent_aka
[xxx] CLxxxAN - StunTmaN_Blade
[YLOD] You Live Or Die - alas26

CQ = Conquest
HC = Hardcore Only
NRM = Normal Only
RU = Rush
TDM = Team Deathmatch
SQDM = Squad Deathmatch
SQRU = Squad Rush

Current members don't forget to invite any other clans that you may know of. We will be updating as the platoon grows. See you on the battlefield.

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