The Silent Apprentices
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The Silent Assassins™ OFFICIAL:



tSA's Founder created this platoon to bring good and serious players together so they dont have to play with noobs 24-7! tSA was created within July 2012, so it hasn't been around for long! This platoon is for people who are competitive and show loyalty and initiative on the battlefield.


Leader's PSN ID's

- charliespicer
- Lundy_28
- Javorek1997
- oXION4o


Recruiting Status - OPEN [X] CLOSED [ ]

Contact Charlie:

People will be recruited into our main elite platoon:
This platoon is the platoon for members who are loyal with skill who have been recruited to max level of BF3.


Scrims [YES]

Contact Jav0:


Ground Rules For This Platoon

Respect Team leaders and Squad leaders commands, they’re trying to teach other members to work as a team to prepare for clan battles!

Respect other clans. [tSA] works together with [WOM], [sHot]. ETC we don’t need drama. Keep your comments between your clan!

If you join this platoon, please set your clan tag to [tSA] unless you have permission to use another tag so when you play on the tSA server, we will make sure you're with the rest of us! We do occasional clean ups, and if you don't sport the [tSA], you may be kicked.

You must be LOYAL to this platoon. That means you may join platoons to represent your country, or trolling platoons, but if you want to join a competitive platoon, you must message the founder and/or a leader of tSA and they will make the decision whether you stay or not.

WE DO NOT TOLERATE BAD ATTITUDE!!! If you moan and groan all day and night about one little thing, then find yourself gone!


Squad Leaders:

Alpha - Infantry
- XioN:
- Jav0rek:

Bravo - Armour
- Lundy:
- StaX:

Charlie - Air
- Charlie:
- Flopper:


Current Server Rotation:

TxA Conquest Domination 500%:

Ziba Tower: Conquest Domination
Scrapmetal: Conquest Domination
Donya Fortress: Conquest Domination
Operation 925: Conquest Domination


Thanks for visiting tHe Silent Assassins™

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