Battlefield 3 Masters
Tag: [BF3M] Fans: 6 Created: 2012-09-16

Platoon Presentation

We are Masters! We are Superior! We Shall destroy Inferior! We promise and dedicate this platoon to ALWAYS be active. Here are some Rules/Guidelines/Information to follow when in this platoon or joining:

1. You MUST add MAJDAD01 and OTHER LEADERS on battlelog/origin AND PSN you MUST do both if you do not then we cannot communicate and if we can't communicate then we can't do successful matches.

2. Have a WORKING, CLEAR, and UNDERSTANDING mic, this means we can chat, set tactics, bombardments, etc. *LEADERS IT IS MANDATORY TO HAVE A MIC*

3. Racism: I have ZERO tolerance on racism if I hear any kind of prejudice or segregation toward members or non-members I WILL KICK YOU PERMANENTLY!

4. Mature people only, kids fine its about how you act and how mature you are

5. Clan tag is required for identification for all members, if you feel like that you don't want to put your clan tag as [BF3M] please make a request with me or other leader and we'll sort things out with no trouble what so ever

6. This is a worldwide platoon, but please at least know english so we can understand you.

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