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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the Elite Assault Commando Friends Platoon!
This platoon is for regular players on our server and friends of our clan.

--------> WIN A FREE VIP-SLOT ON OUR SERVER! <--------

Do you like our server and visit it on a somewhat regular basis? Then apply to join to this platoon! Every month we'll randomly choose 3 platoon members that will receive a free VIP-Slot on our server! This means no queues when joining the server, you'll even pass people with premium!

Friends with VIP-Slot for this month:

Also we are constantly looking for new members. If you speak German, aren't afraid of talking to us in TeamSpeak 3 and are over 18 years old, simply contact us on our homepage/forum, write on this platoon page or ask us in game if you see a member! He'll provide you with further information.

See you on the Battlefield!


New : BattleField 4 IP
1;) Hardcore - http://battlelog.battlefield.com:80/bf3/de/servers/show/pc/f1b65ea5-0f7b-4d28-9de6-55e936f3531c/EAC-Aftermath-only-24-7-Hardcore-NoooBs-800-Tickets/
2;) CTF only - http://battlelog.battlefield.com:80/bf3/de/servers/show/pc/1279fb7f-8ae7-43dd-ba45-9188dd4545bc/EAC-Server-24-7-EndGame-CTF-by-G-Portal-de/
3;) Inf only - http://battlelog.battlefield.com:80/bf3/de/servers/show/pc/3eb18642-0d07-42c4-a76a-1fb76092f105/EAC-Server-24-7-Only-Infantry/



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