17th -Alpha Squad-
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Platoon Presentation

This is a Secondary Platoon for all Alpha Squad members from the 17th.

Wish to join? hit us up, we'll see what is possible.

Squad list as follows:-

Cpt Legend (UK-Member) / MianoX (US-Member)

-MSgt Rey
-GSgt Phoenix
-GSgt Shadow of a day
-GSgt Tin Can
-GSgt RockStar
-Gsgt Sparks
-SSgt Hollywood
-SSgt Buzz
-SSgt Polish Dude
-SSgt Fury
-Sgt Dub
-Sgt Comb

The 17th are open to almost any challenge on BF3, from 1v1 Dogfights to a full blown 12v12 Conquest, if you really want a challenge, you have found the right guys. We can play US time zones and euro time zones, contact the captain(s) for more information.

If you wish to join the Platoon, Hit us up, we don't have a "Trial(s) system"If your a good team player, decent shooter or tanker ect. !AND HAVE A MIC!

If you are a new to the platoon, don't be shy we won't bite, jump on our server play a couple of games with some of our guys, we are cross nation, from The USA, UK And even Norway. All you have to do is hit us a message to say you wish to join then apply to the Primary platoon . Thanks -17th

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