Stigla Master Race
Tag: [9K38] Fans: 18 Created: 2012-12-29

Platoon Presentation

For those who love to torment the helicopter children with the trusty Stinger/Igla.
No entry requirements (as if I'd be so pretentious) all you need is love for the beeping tube of joy.

This is also a place to discuss your favourite Stigla moments, like the time I'd run out of Stiglas, but was using the launcher to harrass a transport helicopter, which proceeded to crash into a building trying to escape my futile lock-on.

Every time you get a successful kill with your beeping tube of joy remember to do the Stinger dance for the snivelling aircraft coward to watch in the killcam, shuffle in every direction and jump up and down randomly so they have something to watch while they wait for the helicopter to respawn to begin the whole process again.

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