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Platoon Presentation

Hello soldiers!

Welcome to our platoon UKMessy.

UKM is an international group of Friends who plays for fun.

Why join us:

1. We have one of the best and fairest communicates with the most trusted Admins.
2. We have randomised 10 Great maps with the ability to vote your favourite next game.
3. All our maps are Conquest
4. We use adaptive tickets so when only a few on server games don t go on forever.
5. Obviously no Jets (Jets only last for seconds on this server before Kick or Ban).
6. Punk Buster Disabled for all of you that have had your accounts banned for no reason.
7. All players treated with the same respect whether UKM or Not


DISCORD Teamspeak

LANGUAGE translator most languages: Choose basic at bottom of page.

::::: SERVER RULES :::::

1. Jets are not allowed, even for the transport.
2. No vehicle stealing from enemy base.
3. No baseattacking and camping in base.
4. Play in squad & don't lock squad.
5.If admin says no helli then helli not permitted until admin allows.
6.Behave nicely, respect other players.
7.If you run back to the base, it is not a baserape.
8.No Fire into or from base.
9.No fire from Red Zone
10.A player gets kick if an admin joined during full server.

Enjoy the game :) ... and remember about the rules, read them before you start to play!

One for all, all for one!

See you in the game :)


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