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Platoon Presentation

As Battlefield 3 is on the house now, we expect higher activity on servers, to enjoy and savor this glorious moment, it'd be great if you guys become active, if you see any of the leaders playing, just put on your tag and hop in the server, it's gonna be awesome

Inactive players will be kicked to accommodate newer active members

The TROLL ARMY™ Facebook page :-
Bf4 Troll army :
Recommended Software:
-Functional Microphone [If possible]
-Team-speak or Skype [For chat]
-Recording software [if you want]
-Dolby Axon [for chat]
- Razer Cooms [Being Tested]
LEADERS !! - We need new server, maybe private, or atleast something which we can operate (like change map and rules) !

We usually use voice chat during games (faster communication) , we use :
Battlelog Sonar : Usually
TS: Professional Matches [mostly]
Skype : Almost always
Rules :

1) Loyalty toward platoon till death
2) Fair Gameplay (no hacks allowed)
3) Respect for all players (no insulting anyone)
4) Teamwork and Cooperation
5) Members have to use 'TRОL' Tag and must be active for Clan matches [If ordered / Volunteered].
6) Members must be comfortable in 'ENGLISH' as we have players from around the globe, English is the standard for communication.
7) No Racists allowed (you can't segregate on basis of color, cast, creed, and religion)
[but there are some exceptions like Japs, and Girls etc.]

To Troll Army Members needing lessons on gameplay basics/ anything else, ask any leader for help.
If about glitching - DA_ASSASSIN
if about sniping - Yansenharyanto
if about general assistance - any leader will do
if about trolling - Every leader
if about LMG-shooting - TechnoChicken
if about panic tactics -PearAvenger
if about tanks -Eyewatch-INA
if about assault rifles - I guess every leader
if about the ancient sacred art of using the m4a1 - pro4ssassin(member) or echobeta12
if about anything not here or need help instant
if want make people angry - FightBrotherHood
shout loud in the platoon feed XD


Platoon feed