Clash Of the Beasts
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Platoon Presentation

-Welcome to the Platoon of the top Scout heli pilots.
-This is a place to test Your Heli skill and have fun.
-Unlike the 1v1 boring matches, This tournament is for 1V12 .
You play against top pilots not noobs.
-The one who gets top helicopter among others will be the winner in that game.
-The tournament is for one month
-The best game play will be on YOUTUBE
-In order to join this platoon You have to be on top 100 in scout Heli kills.
-The leaders will be according to their current rankings.
-No spawn kill
-Do not leave the combat area

Each time three pilots take on the choppers , Whoever dies another one replaces him until his turn comes up again.
-One fight each time.The two littlebirds can not attack the Z-11W at the same time.
-You can be repair crew until Your turn comes.
-The game will be in a Canals map on Max tickets

-When The tournament starts?
-The match starts as soon as The tournament reaches 40 members.

-Final results;

-The winner will be according to his last 30 matches.
-Whoever gets the most kills and points will be crowned the king.


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