The Leather Hats
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-This is home to The Leather Hats (TxH).

-TxH Server name: The Hat Rack

-This platoon, specifically, is the casual, main body, element of TxH, from which the competitive (i.e. platoon vs. platoon and tourney) players will be/are selected.

-TxH's competitive flagship platoon, The Leather Aces (TxH1), may be contacted by following the link below.

-This platoon operates opposite in manner in regards to other platoons. As opposed to growing as fast as possible with little, to no, platoon cohesion, this platoon instead grows slowly, focusing on developed team play and communication. Run the rig you are best with, however, be flexible and willing to adapt to meet squad and team needs as they are voiced.


**One will, first, send friend request on battlelog to a leader or to the founder.

**One will, second, submit an application to TxH.

**One will, third, participate in a minimum of two matches with any leader or the founder.

**Upon completion of steps one and two, a decision will be made in favor of admitting or denying one into the TxH community.

**If decided in favor of, one's application will be swiftly approved, and one will be welcomed to the TxH community.

****Possible factors of denying one's application include: excessive profanity, rage quitting, flamboyant racism, etc...

*Mic( or the speedy acquisition of one).

*While participating in TxH events and/or playing on the TxH server, one is to run the "TxH" tag. During casual play one may use whatever tag one so chooses.

*Derogatory comments, on battlelog as well as in game, towards members is unacceptable. (There is a fine line between constructive criticism and outright slander towards someone else).


-Above all, this platoon will recognize that this is a game, and a pleasant atmosphere and gaming experience will be striven for... But what's the fun if TxH members aren't atop the leader board on the winning team?! ((**Here we come full circle, tight play, comms, and execution of strategy = enjoyable, winning, atmosphere**).

-TxH does bolster a media team, from which footage of game-play is edited and available for viewing on our youtube channel, and will be headline on the TxH website.

*Salute: "They're all dead, sir."
*Re-salute: "Hats off, gentlemen."

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