No Warning Shots
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Welcome to the No Warning Shots, the official PancakeBombGaming BF3 platoon



-Who are we?
we are a community platoon which means all members have equal say in platoon affairs and anyone can join regardless of skill/stats providing they aren't having any conflicts with any of our members and they follow the platoon guidelines (as seen below)

-Platoon Guidelines (rules)
>Respect other players
you as a member, you should give the team a good name. extended trash talking will result in a warning then a kick from the platoon after a vote between members
*no further rules as of now
>Also note we are not a competitive platoon, while this Does Not mean we won't have platoon battles, It does mean skill is not a requirement to join and we don't worry about our platoon statistics!

>I you are interested in joining apply and you will be automatically be accepted *(unless some of our members have prior knowledge of you that suggests that we should not)
>Platoon tags are not a requirement but if you wish to make this your primary platoon the tags are: [NWS]
>it would also be advised to at the very least add one leader or founder on PSN

Hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
Scincerely, dfunk_dallaire97


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