2v2 Dirtbike Jousting
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Concept is simple. Teams of two battle it out on dirtbikes armed with crossbows. League will be ranked on total wins. To increase your rank, challenge and beat a team. All challenges must be accepted and a date mutually agreed. Teams may not play the same team twice in a row.


Standard Xbow only. No scoped Xbow
Standard Bolt only.
Bikes start opposite ends of the road and drive towards each other.
Drivers can drive evasively but must stay on road surface.
No grenades or other equipment or weapons.
A team wins a point for killing either driver or gunner.
Only one point per round. First to 5.
Driver and Gunner must swap each round.
Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 for a loss.
Teams get a bonus point for a 5-0 shutout.

password - dirtbike

Table and results.


1. DTHbyCRUSTnugget & DJRenegade11
2. DTHbyGIANThaggis & DTHbyCILLITbang
3. Auto 1000 & dispenseri
4. Dirk6e & FuhQuAll
5. DoctorInsanityx & ___________
6. Mr_Killiwiggles & morgan6137
7. apex40000 & Simmo0916
8. Missyp91 & Georges_Mechant
9. IISpartacus & BaconOhBacon
10. HawX122 & HeadhunterFFM
11. FINKarmaFIN & RonaldRailgun
12. SWAGmustDIE & xSykesHKx
13. Weightless_Falls & __________
14. Tefty & RS_MadDogg
15. Khanage103 & GearChange
16. DTHbyBUMweasel & Sillysimon187

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