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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is the first step to becoming a member of Elite Extraction.
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1. We do not discriminate. All players are eligible for a probation period.
2.Players are REQUIRED to wear the "EXT" tags
3. Mics are a must. You must also use them in game.No text chat.(You may be put on probation if you do not have a mic but you will not pass probation until you get one)
4. Must be active on Battlelog. Most platoon updates will be posted on our page.
5. Members must promote "EXT" and recruit new players.
6. We are a team. This means that we are not concerned about k/d ratios or spms. We want our members to work together to achieve the win.
7. Respect all members.
-Probation is issued to new recruits so that we can evaluate how well they would fit into the team. During the probation period the player will wear probation tags (EXTp). After the probation period is up, the leaders will call a meeting to decide whether the player is inducted or dismissed. A member may be inducted before the probation period is up but may not be dismissed until after 1 week.
+If the player is inducted, they will be allowed to take off the probation tags and wear the tags that are assigned to him by a Leader/founder
+If a player is dismissed , they will be addressed privately and will be asked to remove his/her probation tags. The player will then be removed from the platoon.

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