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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to AIR-clan.

This is a Platoon for people who likes the Air-vehicles but of course people that don't fly also can join.

We have a few rules to make as many as possible happy and you have to follow these otherwise you will be kicked out.
If you aren't a good pilot dont go in the Air. We dont want a bad reputation.


#1 If you fly the Jet, no heatseekers is allowed as we want people to know we have the bar high in Jet-flying and we are not noobs going for easy-kills. We work for the kills we want.

#2 Respect Server rules and dont be a jerk. We never Baserape or act bad against people. If you get angry messages dont respond. Always be nice. Specially on our official Server.

#3 Respect other Clan-members and their requests and be a Role-model to the other people playing on the server.

#4 If you Fly in it, then die in it.

Everyone can join the Clan but if you want to be a Jet-pilot you will have to Dogfight the Clan-Leaders and earn it.

As long as you follow these rules you will be good, but if you brake them, be ready to pack your bags and leave.

*You are not aqquired to use the [AIR] Tags but we do appriciate if you do wear them*

Our Server: Firestorm 500% 24/7 [AIR] Clan server (DOWN)

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