Team Aspera Alpha
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the official Alpha platoon from Team Aspera!
► About us

Team Aspera eSports is a dutch clan with some international players as well. We are currently playing at lanparty's, ESL and 4PL. Team Aspera originally started back within Battlefield 2142 and moved to Bad Company 2 and eventually Battlefield 3. We accept all war invitations to improve our relationships with other clans aslong as our skills on competitive gaming.

► Team Aspera eSports Leaders:


You can contact our leaders by sending an email to when you have any questions or problems involving our clan. You can also send us a mail for requesting clan wars or other clan activity's.

► Join requirements

► 17, we do allow younger players but you have to behave like an adult.
► Working MIC
► Known with ESL and competitive gaming
► Speaking Dutch or understandable English

► Rules

► Respect fellow Battlefield gamers
► Respect other clans, leaders and players
► Respect fellow clan members within Team Aspera eSports
► Don't swear on our Teamspeak with words that insult fellow players
► Follow administrative orders on Teamspeak when joining
► No obsessive raging sessions within any way of communication
► If any problems occur involving Team Aspera please contact a leader or Moderator. When problems are being solved without a founder or leader from Team Aspera and the problem returns, we won't see it as our responsibility.

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