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  • CZeeM8 wrote on the wall for HavoC:
    Hi Guys, I've decided to move on to join vR. No issues I still loves you all and will be around from time to time. Cheers to Odin for being cool about it all.
  • AZGD-HawK wrote on the wall for HavoC:
    Hey guys sorry about my absence i wanted to be there for the weekend games but my mate came from tauranga on sat so he took sat and sun then i had to meet my gfs parents on monday so that day went there. I will be on on sunday night so if you need me i will be there. oh and good ass kicking while i was away hope see the videos on youtube soon...
    Gold_Mechanic All good Hawk, hope to see you soon mate
    6 years ago
  • AZGD-Odin wrote on the wall for HavoC:
    Challenges sent: http://www.cybergamer.com.au/matchdetails/422379/ http://www.cybergamer.com.au/matchdetails/422380/ http://www.cybergamer.com.au/matchdetails/422381/ Times/Dates sent are every day from Thursday 8th through to Tuesday 13th from 8:30PM to 10:00PM. Let me know if you CAN'T play <3
  • Gazz-HB wrote on the wall for HavoC:
    my internets down, waiting about a week b4 i can get back on at home.
  • Gazz-HB joined the platoon HavoC
  • AZGD-HawK wrote on the wall for HavoC:
    i took off on wed so let me know if i am needed for the match or if you guys have sorted a team thats algood.. anyways i will be there to support you guys :D
  • AZGD-Odin wrote on the wall for HavoC:
    Guys. Friendly reminder. Scrim training tomorrow night @ 8pm AEST. We will be going over the basic team strats on our main 3 maps. Expect this to take approximately 2 hours. This session is intended as a primer for our newer members and a refresher before we hit the new season on CG. Mormegill and Darkflight I would really appreciate it if you make special effort to attend. Everyone else, try and show up this time! Post an apology if you can't attend... Members currently excused are Erlandoss, Quaggles, NZ_Gazz, Hawk and Shippsy.
    nfy-EidaZ I expect to read a 10000 word essay on why you are sorry you could not attend
    6 years ago
  • EotL-Executioner wrote on the wall for HavoC:
    Bye all
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    KDUStealth Anyone know where he's gone
    6 years ago
    BAD-BAD-STALKER1 His Dads to live - no net...
    6 years ago
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