Daybreak Boys
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the Daybreak Boys, sponsored by the clan TEK.

All are welcome to apply

Dog Tag events will be added to the wall as they come.

During events every member must wear a rare dog tag or a Gold dog tag.

Bunny Hop and get kicked

During events specific clan tags will be posted for members to wear; do not wear the decided clan tags and get kicked

Coms will not be available during events

The TEK servers will be used for ALL DBB events

Every Member must Fan the platoon B4 being accepted in the clan.

To join DBB you must Have the following

*A Mastery Dogtag
*500 Melee Kills

* No Recon class what so ever
* No Assault class what so ever
* No Explosive devices what so ever

Event Name, Date and Guidelines:

*Cowboys VS Indians
*July 6, 2013 @ 4pm - 8pm eastern on the TEK server

*Name of server on day of event will change to Cowboys VS Indians event
*RU will be the Indians and only allowed to use the Crossbow and the use of a knife
*US will be Cowboys and only allowed to use Revolvers and the use of a knife
*All players will have DBB clan tags on except Dice members and Admin. Administrators will wear ADM tags.
*All players must wear their best EARNED RIGHT dog tag, Weapon Mastery at a minimal
* Blank or crappy dog tags = Kick

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