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Welcome to the Honorary Gaming community, this is a community meant for people that enjoy fair and fun gaming.
Honorary Gaming was built because of all the 'noobing' in the gaming scene, people trash talking, using unfair advantages to win. All of these things make gaming look bad and nowhere near as fun as it could be.

We believe we can bring back the honor in gaming, by providing gamers with a Gamercode that they are expected to follow. The Gamercode is a set of guidelines that should help any gamer in order to play like an honorary gamer, a gamer people like playing with and against.

All of our Honorary Gamers are followers of this 'code' and we will not stop until the entire gaming scene has changed.

HG started out as an idea of a gaming community, but without all the rotten apples in the scene.
Having a place for gamers that play the games to have fun, alone but also together, and not just play to win, but to win with honor and dignity.
We started in late April 2013 as a small organized team of admins and are actively recruiting.


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