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_______________________________ ★ Silent Rangers™★ ____________________________________

Welcome to Silent Rangers. We're from all around the world. We love to troll and have fun. We like to have the element of surprise on our side. We're the odd balls, we like to do the unexpected. SRz emphasizes the importance of a proper revive and team work.
To be a part of this platoon it is EXPECTED that members have to REMAIN ACTIVE on it

Winning doesn't matter just get out there have fun and happy trolling!

*SRz is a Casual Clan*
________________________________ ★ Rules ★ ____________________________________
Respect all members
Be active in game and on BL.
Mature players.
Wearing clan tag [SRz] is NOT mandatory
Must be loyal
________________________________ ★ SRz Motto ★ ____________________________________
We are a team, We fight together, Strive together. Survive together...we are ONE!

________________________________Recruitment Threads________________________________
Please Bump: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654490304512722/

Second page : http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654625570373722/
________________________________ ★ Servers ★ ____________________________________
Assassinblue's server: [A]lliance-mix
jrking's server: BlaCkhAwk Military Recruiting [BMO]

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